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Dr. Hardware System Info
PC World: This nifty little program lets you get under the hood of your operating system. It contains a package of tools to analyze all your Windows components. Like other system tools, it makes inquiries into your Registry settings; beyond that, it makes calls to your processor, cache, memory modules, chip sets, and monitor. It also makes independent calls to your BIOS and I/O ports, helping you detect conflicts that are independent of your OS. Finally, the program tells you the benchmark of your computer. 

Its depth of analysis separates Dr. Hardware from its competitors. It provides information about SDRAM modules; sensor chips and main-board chip set; and any type of device your PC might have, whether it's SCSI, EIDE, or PCI. It also provides benchmarks for the CPU, the video adapter, and CD-ROM and DVD drives. This latest release detects the latest processors, PCI devices, and main-board chip sets. 

Despite Dr. Hardware's sophistication, its interface is surprisingly intuitive. Don't let the clean interface fool you into thinking the program is a lightweight--it packs a punch, and at $19, it really is shareware at its best. (Reviewed: Dr. Hardware 2003 / 4.0.0e)

TechRepublic Rating: 4.5 / 5 - Dr. Hardware 2003 is a quick, easy way to get detailed information about hardware, and Windows and benchmark details on any Windows computer. It installs in minutes and, depending on your system, can give you a system overview in seconds...
Lastly, I made my way to Dr. Hardware 2003's Benchmarks screen. Here I performed several benchmark tests on my test machine... I really liked the way Dr. Hardware 2003 presented the results—showing my PC against several system standards... (Reviewed: Dr. Hardware 2003 4.5.0e, September 30, 2003)
A very thorough system benchmarking/analysis tool. It covers almost every aspect of your computer, from what version of windows you are running to what sort of video card you have. It has cute 3d graphs comparing your machine to other machines and it comes complete with links to all of the Microsoft tools necessary to administer your machine. Did we mention very thorough? There is information available on almost every software/hardware component in your computer - and benchmark tests for a large portion of those. (Reviewed: Dr. Hardware 2001)

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating Smart Downloads Award for Dr. Hardware 2004
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